Pack Your Bins

A report from our Spanish correspondent (aka Doug Bickley) I remembered on this holiday to Gran Canaria to pack some binoculars.  I chose my trusty old Tasco 40mm 8-16x zoom which to my mind are a good compromise between light gathering power and portability.  I also took a lightweight tripod. [Pic 1 & 2] The balcony … Read morePack Your Bins

Meteor Observations in Radio 20th June 2018

By Trevor Clifton I recently changed my analysis software and the results and comments are below. The night of the 20th was just an ordinary night with no meteor shower expected. First session using the 3D graphing capabilities of Spectrum Lab. The A form represents echo’s that form a vertical trace and the B form … Read moreMeteor Observations in Radio 20th June 2018

Observation Session 28th November 2017

The moon (photo by Cath Adams)

By Richard Harvey It was a case of ‘third time lucky’ for our new Trysull Observation Sessions. Two consecutive Tuesdays were postponed due to 100% cloud cover, but at last, the forecast was promising on Tuesday 28th November, and at 11am that morning, the text notification system informed everyone ‘it’s on!’ People started arriving at the … Read moreObservation Session 28th November 2017

A Promising Start To The Year? Some 2017 Observations

By Richard Harvey After a very cloudy 2016 winter, we’ve at last been afforded a handful of clear skies for the first few months of 2017. For some reason, Wednesdays seem to be the night we’ve had the most clear skies, with the weekends typically clouded over. This is most irritating for those for astronomers with 9-5 … Read moreA Promising Start To The Year? Some 2017 Observations