Arietids Backscatter Data

By Trevor Clifton

A daytime meteor shower occurs on the morning of the 7th June. Known as the Daytime Arietids, this shower is linked to the sun grazing comet 96P/Machholz. Detectable only by radar backscatter, the Arietids produces a level of activity comparable to that of the Perseids.

The activity graph is produced below and is obtained via my automated system. The missing bar at around 7 am is due to a high level of interference which causes my system to reject that 10 minutes block of data.

Arietids backscatter detections
Arietids backscatter detections 7th June 2019

I have also included the data text file for each meteor record. Please use an extract or whatever you can from it.

Second is a chance recording I made of the radio emissions from Jupiter. Using software that calculates the position of the moons its possible to predict when listening for these emissions is likely to achieve success. These emission’s sound like waves breaking on a sea shore and are shown in the attached sample from a chart recorder.

Radio emissions from Jupiter
Radio emissions from Jupiter June 2019