Events Archive


12 Jun 2023Julian OnionsBlack Holes – are they really that bad
15 May 2023Mary McIntyreA History of Women in Astronomy Pt 2
17 Apr 2023Roger MetcalfeBinary Stars
17 Apr 2023Duncan WillisAstro Navigation
20 Mar 2023Peter JenkinsImaging from light polluted skies
06 Mar 2023Andrew LoundSpace: The Fuel Cell Frontier
20 Feb 2023Andrew NewsamNoisy Data
06 Feb 2023Martin LunnAstronomy in the Mediterranean
23 Jan 2023Michael BarrettAstronomy & Freemasonry
09 Jan 2023Steve WarbisMessier’s objects and how they map the milky way
05 Dec 2022Mary McIntyre FRASA History of Women in Astronomy Pt 1
21 Nov 2022Dr Jonathan SmokerAstronomy at the European Southern Observatory, Chile
07 Nov 2022Prof.Don PollaccoThe PLATO Mission – The Habitable Zone Explorer
24 Oct 2022Gary PoynerAn Introduction to Variable Star Observing
10 Oct 2022Phil BarnardAGM + short talk by member? Linscott scope
26 Sep 2022President‘David Harris’ Lecture – Planning an Observation Night
12 Sep 2022Andrew GascoyneSolar Physics:  The Coronal Heating Problem…..Solved?


13 Jun 2022Katrin Raynor-EvansExploring Astronomy and Space through Philately
16 May 2022Damian HardwickThe Life of Albert Einstein
11 Apr 2022Paul FellowsFire and Ice: The volcanic worlds of the Solar System
21 Mar 2022Pete WilliamsonThe Moons of our Solar System
21 Mar 2022Dr Fran BagenalJuno Mission to Jupiter, Extended!
21 Feb 2022Mike FrostAgainst the Odds: A Patagonian Eclipse
07 Feb 2022Steve CliftonAstrophotography Then and Now
24 Jan 2022Dr Julian OnionsCrazy Interstellar Rockets
10 Jan 2022Prof Rene BretonCosmic Fireworks
06 Dec 2021Georgia PulfordA Brief Geological History of Time
22 Nov 2021Alex BinksYoung Stars in our Backyard
08 Nov 2021Martin BraddockPerseverance and Heavenly Questions
25 Oct 2021Prof Ian MorisonMorison Wonders of the Southern Sky
11 Oct 2021AGM & Adam FosterMy Astronomy Journey
27 Sep 2021Steve WoottonThe David Harris Lecture: The Scale of the Universe
13 Sep 2021Dr Steve BarrettThe ABC of Galaxy Evolution


09 Aug 2021Andy BriggsHow to photograph a Black Hole: the Story of the Event Horizon Telescope
12 Jul 2021Robin HagueSkyrora: Making space sustainable
14 Jun 2021Paul MoneyWhy Are There No Green Stars?
17 May 2021Damian HardwickInventor, Investigator and Innovator: The life of Sir John Herschel
12 Apr 2021Paul FellowsChildren of Another Sun
22 Mar 2021Tracey SnelusAurora: The Greatest Light Show On Earth
08 Mar 2021Paul Pope Lecture: Chris LintottThe Crowd and the Cosmos
22 Feb 2021Mike FrostIsaac Newton and The Surrey Pumas
08 Feb 2021Mark GibbonsBlack Holes
25 Jan 2021Russell ParryThe Appley Bridge Meteorite
11 Jan 2021Steve BarrettThe Beginning of Everything
07 Dec 2020John PitchfordDr David Morgan’s Project and RETRAM
23 Nov 2020Mark TownleyCycles on the Sun: Space Weather & the Earth-Sun Environment
09 Nov 2020Mary McIntyreReflection, Refraction and Excitation
26 Oct 2020Julian OnionsGalaxies: One Gigayear At A Time
12 Oct 2020Linda ManasThe History of the Calendar
28 Sep 2020Doug BickleyVoyager: The Interstellar Phase
14 Sep 2020Dave EagleOut of the Darkness – Pluto, New Horizons and Ultima Thule
10 Aug 2020Nicholas BoothMars: The Clearest View
13 Jul 2020Steve TonkinTwo Eyes are Better than One
Due to Covid-19 lockdown, the talks were extended throughout the summer, being delivered online via Zoom & recordings uploaded to YouTube


29 Jun 2020Steve CliftonDeep Sky Photography: Capturing Ancient Photons
15 Jun 2020Prof Rob JeffriesGaia: the billion star mapping machine
11 May 2020Dr Julian OnionsThings that go bang in the night (sky)
09 Mar 2020[Paul Pope lecture] – Pete WilliamsonFrom Myth to Moon
24 Feb 2020Mike FrostLady astronomers of the BAA
10 Feb 2020Trevor CliftonI can never find anything
27 Jan 2020Time to talkTime to talk
13 Jan 2020Dr Julian OnionsThe Far Side of the Moon, is it full of Aliens?
09 Dec 2019Steve WoottonA photometric study of NGC 957
25 Nov 2019Dr Phil EvansAstronomy beyond light
11 Nov 2019Dr Julian OnionsHeavy Metal
28 Oct 2019Dr Sean McGeeFrom early ripples to the Milky Way: The evolution of galaxies
14 Oct 2019AGMAGM
30 Sep 2019[David Harris memorial lecture] Doug BickleyParsons Leviathan
16 Sep 2019Dr Anne-Marie BroomhallOur Sun: dynamic or dull?


17 Jun 2019Phil BarnardDevelopment and uses of spectroscopy
13 May 2019John CookSolar activity update, visual and radio
01 Apr 2019Trevor CliftonRadio astronomy on a budget
18 Mar 2019Damian HardwickThe mystery of stone circles
04 Mar 2019Paul Pope lecture: Jay TateThe Science of Armageddon
18 Feb 2019Dr Andrew GascoyneSunspots, Sunquakes and Solar Storms: An Introduction to Solar Physics
04 Feb 2019Dr Leon HicksSample return missions, including Hayabusa 2 and Osiris Rex
21 Jan 2019Time to TalkTime to Talk
07 Jan 2019Mike FrostDrawing the line
03 Dec 2018Graeme HallMercury: A Closer Look
19 Nov 2018David EagleA whistle stop tour of the universe hitch hiking on a ray of light
05 Nov 2018Dr Julian OnionsCold dark matter
22 Oct 2018Dr Phil SuttonThe Cassini mission
08 Oct 2018AGMAGM
24 Sep 2018Doug BickleyFaulkes telescope project
10 Sep 2018Bob MarriotSilver on glass revolution




12 Jun 2017Roger PickardWater water everywhere but…
15 May 2017Phil BarnardChance Brothers: Their Contribution to Astronomy
03 Apr 2017Kevin KilburnNot fifty shades of grey
20 Mar 2017Michael BryceExplorers of the solar system
06 Mar 2017Paul Pope lecture: Professor David EvansMini big bangs in ALICE and the CERN LHC
20 Feb 2017Dr Jacco Van LoonCreation and destruction in cosmic explosions
06 Feb 2017Callum PotterGlobular clusters galactic fossils
23 Jan 2017Members’ eveningMembers’ evening
09 Jan 2017Martyn FilsakLight, darkness and colour
05 Dec 2016Professor Ilya MandelHow do you look for black holes and find them?
21 Nov 2016Julian OnionsThe Universe from scratch
07 Nov 2016David FinniganSPA Deep Sky Section
24 Oct 2016Mark GibbonsKepler
10 Oct 2016AGM &Observatory
26 Sep 2016Damian HardwickThe Vikings
12 Sep 2016Sean ElvidgeThe shape of the universe


13 Jun 2016Gary PoynerVariable Stars
16 May 2016Mike FrostNorman Lockyer
04 Apr 2016Kevin KilburnManchester’s Rocket Man
21 Mar 2016Dr. Tiago CampanteMusic of the Stars, New Worlds
07 Mar 2016Paul Pope Lecture: Dr Julian MertenCosmology
22 Feb 2016Prof. Ian MorisonAstrophotography
08 Feb 2016Andrew LoundPluto
25 Jan 2016Members’ EveningEvening
11 Jan 2016Prof. John BridgesExploring Mars: Curiosity
07 Dec 2015Mark GibbonsTycho Brahe
23 Nov 2015Prof. SalamancaGalactic Evolution
09 Nov 2015Sean ElvidgeSunny with a Hint of Catastrophe
26 Oct 2015David EagleRosetta & Philae Lander
12 Oct 2015AGM &Workshop
28 Sep 2015Damian HardwickPlanet Earth
14 Sep 2015Prof Mike Merrifield21st Century Telescopes