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CANCELLED – Mark Gibbons – Black holes – CANCELLED

Highfields Environmental Centre Boundary Way, Penn, Wolverhampton

Mark Gibbons is a committee member of the Cotswold astronomical Society and he will give us an insight into this fascinating topic.

Dr Julian Onions – Things that go bang in the night (sky)


Julian Onions from Nottingham University has given lectures to us before and is apparently something of an expert in online presentations. Who Knew? He has given us a lot of help here because we needed guiding by the hand, it's all new to us and this is our first offering, but we intend to do a ... Read more

Prof Rob Jeffries – Gaia: the billion star mapping machine


Professor Jeffries is from the astrophysics group at Keele University. The European Space Agency Gaia satellite was launched in December 2013. The aim of the mission was to map the precise positions and motions of a billion stars and nearer objects in our own Milky Way Galaxy and solar system. In April 2018 Gaia released ... Read more

Steve Tonkin – Two Eyes are Better than One


The binocular is not limited to being a beginner's instrument and a subordinate adjunct to a telescope, but is an exceptionally valuable astronomical instrument in its own right. Find out how to choose and use binoculars for astronomy: discover what makes a good (or bad!) binocular, distinguish between valuable information and advertising hype, and learn ... Read more

Nicholas Booth – Mars: The Clearest View


With three new missions heading to Mars, Nicholas Booth will discuss our changing perceptions of the Red Planet. For the first time in forty years, NASA will be looking directly towards life - and Nick will tell the story of how people have thought they have discovered life in recent years. He will set the ... Read more

Doug Bickley – Voyager: The Interstellar Phase


The story of the Voyager missions. Both spacecraft have now reached interstellar space and continue their journey through the universe. This talk will take you from the planning stages through to their current status and position. Buckle up, it's a long ride.

Linda Manas – The History of the Calendar


Linda looks at calendar developments from the ancient Metonic Cycle to the early Roman and Julian calendars and discusses methods of calculating the date of Easter Sunday from the advent of Christianity to Gregorian reforms and the Computus.

Mary McIntyre – Reflection, Refraction and Excitation


The Hunt For Atmospheric Optical Effects - Mary has been passionate about hunting for atmospheric optics for many years. In this talk she will show us lots of the common things seen from the UK, plus some more exotic phenomena, from arcs and sundogs to noctilucent clouds and aurora.

John Pitchford – Dr David Morgan’s Project and RETRAM


Dr Morgan and RETRAM are both working on the Recognition and Trajectories of Meteors using alternatives to Graves, Brams and Iper. This talk is an introduction to this topic and takes an historical approach to Radio Astronomy and the use of Passive Radar. You will meet the musical ‘Cats’ and the ‘Terminator’ on the way!

Mark Gibbons – Black Holes


From being theoretical curiosities predicted by mathematics, to objects we now have direct observational evidence of: black holes. They have a surprisingly wide-ranging effect on the structures we see in the Universe. We have some idea about what goes on inside a black hole, and a better idea what goes on around one. This talk examines how we first ... Read more

Mike Frost – Isaac Newton and The Surrey Pumas


An offbeat look at Newton's theory of gravity - featuring hollow Earths, counter-Earths Trojan asteroids, Kirkwood gaps, Lagrangian nodes, the three-body problem, and those mysterious beasts rumoured to haunt Surrey playing fields and Bodmin Moor. Already delivered on two continents!

Paul Pope Lecture: Chris Lintott – The Crowd and the Cosmos


Wolverhampton Astronomical Society is proud to present it’s annual free public talk, the Paul Pope Lecture. This year we are delighted to welcome Chris Lintott, co-presenter of the BBC’s Sky at Night program to talk to us about The Crowd and the Cosmos. Astronomer Chris Lintott explains how you could help astronomers sort through galaxies, explore the ... Read more

Paul Fellows – Children of Another Sun


It is only in the last twenty years that we have been able to prove that the Sun is not unique in having a family of planets. This talk takes up the story of the discovery of planets beyond the solar system and described how we have gone about tracking down planets orbiting other stars ... Read more