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Damian Hardwick – The Life of Albert Einstein

16th May 2022 at 7:30 pm 9:30 pm

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest physicists in history. But it is important to remember that although he had a brilliant mind he was still only human, and throughout his life Einstein’s name is synonymous with the word genius. He had triumphs as well as many tribulations, and tragedy to contend with during his lifetime. Although his theory of relativity gave him iconic status, the political events of his lifetime had as big an influence as his scientific endeavours. We shall also see how the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the extremely infamous Nuremberg laws, inexorably changed the rest of his life and made him the personification of Jewish defiance to everything that Hitler stood for. He was also a pacifist, and we will see how his famous letter to Roosevelt, which led to the Manhattan project and a nuclear arms race in the post war years, troubled his conscience.

Online via Zoom